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Better for animal health, better for the environment.

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Satavie's mission is to nourish with responsibly sourced, high-quality soy protein concentrate, made with innovative technology. We believe in providing wholesome and nutritious ingredients and strive to be a trusted source of nourishment for generations.


We envision a world where proteins are thoughtfully and sustainably obtained, prioritizing quality and nourishment. Our aim: is to lead soy protein concentrate production, setting the bar for responsible, eco-friendly protein.


Our soy protein concentrates are refined using our patented BioProcessing technology. This unique water-based method gently extracts protein and dietary fiber from soybean meal while effectively removing, anti-nutritional factors. This is different from other soy protein concentrates available today which are made with the use of fermentation or alcohol-based extraction.

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Our BioProcessing technology ensures the highest levels of digestibility in the extracted protein and fibers, making it especially beneficial for infant animal diets. With improved nutrient absorption, the total feed conversion rate of the diet is increased. This not only promotes healthier growth but also minimizes our product's environmental impact.


Discover our premium soy protein concentrate, ideal for aquaculture, swine, and poultry feeds amongst others. Made with patented BioProcessing technology, it effectively replaces animal byproduct proteins while maintaining high-quality nutrition. Contact us for pricing or general inquiries.

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